My story

At the beginning of my search was a lot of confusion, dissatisfaction with myself, distrust in my own abilities, and many unanswered questions. I felt something was missing. I needed to change something, but I didn’t know how to do it.

In 2009 I went on a trip to Asia to find answers to my questions. Somehow I succeeded, because I got to know Human Design. A woman I had known for barely a few hours described very precisely what I already knew about myself on some level, but constant doubt did not allow me to trust myself. It was a shock to me and I am still grateful to her. I had no idea how she did it. I wanted to know more, so I started to read all the information available on the Internet. Since my return, I began to study Human Design in depth. This was just the beginning of my journey of self-knowledge, which still continues, with the only difference – I stopped searching for what was missing outside of myself.

Human Design has brought me great relief and acceptance that I simply cannot change some things about myself, but I can be aware of them. And it is the awareness that makes a difference in the perception of myself and my every day decisions. Human Design explained to me why certain things are the way they are, why I am what I am. And how to apply this understanding in everyday life to my own satisfaction.

My primary motivation was to help and understand myself and my loved ones. Now it motivates me that I can show people that there is a solution that can make their lives and everyday decisions easier. That is the reason why this website was created. It offers me the opportunity to express myself and apply my understanding in what I enjoy and what I have been engaged with for over 14 years.

Since 2018, I have received an international certificate – a professional Human Design analyst (incl. Partnerships analysis, Incarnation Cross Analysis, Life Cycles Analysis), in 2020 Child development analysis and in 2022 Living Your Design Guide.

P.S. My great thanks and gratitude go to the founder of the Human Design system, Ra Uru Hu, and to my longtime teacher Alokanand Diaz.

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