Your inner navigation system

Our life and its direction consists of our everyday decisions, from the seemingly unimportant to the life changing decisions.

Whatever the reason for our decisions making process may be, there are always two mechanisms standing against each other. One is our rational mind with its reasons, agendas and goals. The other - our inner compass, pointing the direction based on the stimuli and signals coming from our body.

Everyone is equipped with an internal navigation system that helps them recognize when and how to act, in Human design it is called our inner authority. You know it, sometimes we call it intuition, instinct, emotion or feeling coming from the belly in response to external circumstances.

The human design map shows us exactly where our inner compass is located and how to use it in our daily decision-making process. A personal analysis of your human design map will help you recognize your innate characteristics and give you practical tools for everyday decisions according to your inner authority.

You can get your map and basic information about your design, including a description of your type and decision-making strategy, free of charge by filling in the following information (you will receive the overview within 24 hours):

    Initial personal analysis

    The first step to the understanding of yourself and how you relate to the world around you is a personal analysis of your Human Design chart, i.e. how you function in relation to yourself and your surroundings, and how to start to move in your life according to it.

    You will have the opportunity to reconnect with your innate characteristics, the life force that you were born with and that you probably had to repress as a result of your upbringing. These are precisely those fixed characteristics that make you different from others, that you can lean on in life and begin to trust them again. You will learn how you can gradually integrate them and move in accordance with them so that you meet as little resistance as possible in your life. You will also become aware of the dysfunctional patterns of your "not self" that your mind has created to compensate for those human attributes that work in an inconsistent way for you, and therefore you cannot rely on them. By understanding how the conditioning of your mind works in conjunction with your fixed characteristics, a fundamental shift in self-perception can be achieved, gradually leading to deeper self-acceptance and self-love. However, the real transformation will come only after some time, when you live long-term in accordance with your mechanics, that is, according to the strategy of your type and your inner authority.

    The basic reading takes place either in person or online and lasts 90-120 minutes. Included in your analysis will be a presentation and the recording of your 1-1 session, making it available for you to revisit at any time.


    135 EUR

    Follow-up analysis/ Support session

    Some time after completing the basic reading, it is possible to look at your design even more in depth. We can focus on the topics of your life purpose (your Incarnation cross) or the topics of your current life cycle. This will, for example, help you better understand and integrate certain dilemmas you are currently experiencing. I am also available to you if you wish to support in your personal experiment, have additional questions or want to look into a current situation from the perspective of your design in order to navigate it in accordance with your strategy and authority.

    The analysis can be done online or in person and lasts about 90 minutes. Included will be a presentation and the recording of your 1-1 session, making it available for you to revisit at any time.


    60 - 120 EUR

    Partnership analysis

    The first partner that you really meet is you. Therefore, having a healthy relationship with yourself is a basic prerequisite for building healthy relationships with others.

    To understand your partner and your relationship, a personal reading of you and your partner is essential. We build relationships not only with our partners, but also with people in our immediate environment, whether they are our parents, children, colleagues or friends.

    In the partnership analysis you will see how you and other people relate to each other: what do you have in common, what makes you different, where do you influence each other, what attracts you to each other and where lies the potential for friction.

    Human Design can show you the dynamic of your relationship and how to prevent possible misunderstandings. A partnership analysis can bring you a big relief, as the understanding of your partner’s individuality brings mutual respect in interpersonal relationships and is the foundation for healthy, functional relationships.


    145 EUR

    Analysis for children

    It is often said that no one knows their children better than the parents, but at times even the parents can struggle to understand their child’s needs. Every child is unique and needs an individual approach. Raising children is a big responsibility and Human Design can help you understand your child and minimize mistakes in parenting.

    Mistakes can be avoided if parents know how their children function and how to approach them with respect for their individuality. Such an understanding brings relief and joy of parenting.

    The sooner you nourish the true nature of your child and support its uniqueness in the right way, the better it will be prepared to navigate life with all its challenges. For the analysis of your child's design, it is necessary to first complete a personal initial analysis for at least one of the parents, preferably the mother.

    It is also recommended to complete the partnership analysis of the parents prior to the analysis of a child’s design. Because to better understand how your child functions, you need to understand yourself first and how you condition each other, as the children can only be reached and nourished correctly through the awareness of their parents.


    120 EUR